AIRTRA is strongest and independent, member driven association for the Industry of Rubber and Tyre recycling, it is more than an Organization for rubber and tyre recyclers across India. The aim of establishment for this association is genuine, Lowful and worthwhile collection, recycling and usage of used Tyres and Rubbers - wastes.

AIRTRA symbolize the unity of the entire Rubber and Tyre recycling industry of India which has fastened correlation and brought together companies, government bodies, and individuals involved in tyre recycling. AIRTRA always give precedence to effective communication connecting experts of industries and government. It is a bridge of horizontal and valuable communication between valued members and government bodies for industrial updates, guidelines and model for smooth operating and fruitful results. This is accomplished through focused advocacy and cooperative actions to improve professional standards and develop quality guidelines for products and materials.

AIRTRA is paying attention and monitoring on members to choose better process and technologies for recycling and reuse, convert it into new liable consumer and industrial product which replace into different industries that impel towards non polluted global environment and enhance the quality of life through the creation of new businesses and jobs. We promote tyre recycling and seek alternative, sustainable ways to expand existing markets and create new ones. We believe into human resource, to create and bestow opportunities in the industry. We used to pay attention for immense employment generation.

India generates 1.5 Million tons of waste Tyre / Rubber each year. AIRTRA accomplishments to make sure a huge majority are recycle in approach advantageous for our surroundings. There are more than 2,50,000 Direct / Indirect employments have been generated into this industry of India

Products Manufacturers
by our Members

Crumb Rubber

Reclaim Rubber

Rubber Flooring

CRMB - Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Rubber Mulch & Chips

Pyrolysis Fuel Oil

Carbon Black